Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Log Cabin Place Mats

To freshen up the table at my house, I am making new placemats.  I cut the strips 1.25", so they finish at .75 inches.  The log cabin blocks are 12.5 inches with 3 inch neutral strips on each side.

Aqua, green, yellow, orange, purple, blue, red, black.  That's a lot of scraps, but just as I finished these, I found a little bag of scraps from another project to add to the scrap bags.

I have Ikea wire drawers for my stash, and put scraps of each color in a gallon zip lock bag in the back of the drawer for that color fabrics.  It's not perfect, as everything comes out of the scrap bags a wrinkly mess, but it works until I get something else figured out.

It's fun walking down memory lane looking at these log cabins . . . scraps from lots and lots of projects.

I'm not sure how I'll quilt these, maybe just the zig-zag curved stitch that my machine can do.  Easy and effective.

When you come for dinner, be sure to request your favorite color!  My granddaughters have already spoken for the green and aqua. . . 

I finished my taxes today, so I feel free to take time to do a blog post.  First things first, after all.

Red means stop, and so I shall.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby Boy Quilt

This week, I'm working on a baby boy quilt.  I loved the fox fabric from Riley Blake "Good Nature," so I have used it as the inspiration for a little quilt.

I took a close up of this coming together of the unit.  Pretty tight corners, I said to myself!

Above is the inspiration, and below is the lay-out.  I'm sewing the units together today.  Love that design wall.  I laid out the blocks, then re-arranged them again and again.  The first lay-out is often the best, but I can spend hours trading blocks around.  .  .  .

Happy sewing from the sunny Pacific Northwest!  It will be 60 degrees this weekend.  The daffodils are in full flower.  A little early . . . .