Friday, October 13, 2017

Scrappy Plus

My 130 plus X units are sewn together and it’s big and bright. I had to lay it out on the floor to get a photo as the grass was wet yesterday. 

I started making these blocks in August, and just kept at it.
I kept track of the color of the plus part of the block so that colors would be evenly represented.  The X parts are more random. I tried to use a similar color in the X’s, but the variation keeps it interesting. 

The blocks finish at 7.5 “, so I laid it our 10 across and 12 down.  It measures 72” X 90”.

The quilting will reduce the size a bit . . .

These are all fabrics from my stash, many of them scraps. I’m staring at it now considering how to quilt this big thing.  (I get tired of making quilts that are too small!)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Midwest Adventure

Last week I traveled to Nebraska and Kansas to meet long lost cousins. My brother and niece were my companions, and we had a great time. They agreed to visit the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  We all three loved our visit.

This sculpture is just in front of the museum.

The featured exhibits varied from antique quilts to a modern show called Verve to a collection of quilts and Quilted items from Central Asia.

I loved all of it. And I wish Lincoln, Nebraska wasn’t so far away!

Here is a link to the Website for the International Quilt Study Center.

Limerick for a Quilter

My son is visiting for a few days, and he has composed limericks on the kitchen chalkboard for each member of the family.
Here’s the one for me:

Friday, September 29, 2017

Pouch for Me

I love the pattern for Open Wide bags from Noodlehead.  I have made several, but I need one for an upcoming trip. A make-up bag.

Here it is, loaded up.

It goes with my larger one, but not completely matching. I cut a few squares from the jelly roll that I won at the Kaffe Fasset lecture.

I'm off to Omaha to meet a long lost cousin with a stop in Lincoln, NE at the International Quilt Study and Museum,and a visit to my Dad's home town in Kansas. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Mom-to-be

Erica is my dental hygienist and due with her 2nd child in November.  A boy!
She loved the quilt . . 

It's so satisfying to gift quilts. Hugs that will last!

Kaffe Fasset

Last week a quilt store, Gossypium, in Issaquah, WA, hosted a lecture by Kaffe Fasset.  I was happy to be in the audience, and I won a door prize!  Hurray on both counts.

It was great to see the men, Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably, who design so many of my favorite quilting cottons.

I went by myself, but met lovely people!  Yes, those are airplanes in the background; the lecture was at The Museum of Flight.

I've used the 2.5" roll that I won for a few of the + X blocks.  (I'm at 100!)

Happy sewing . . .

Friday, September 15, 2017

Plus X Blocks

I'm having a lot of fun making these blocks.  Each one is like choosing a combination for a quilt color scheme.

They measure 7", so it will take a bunch to make a decent sized quilt.  I'm thinking I need 100, but that would be only 65" square, so maybe I'll go for 120.

It will be fun to see the riot of color when I get enough to make a decent sized quilt.

Most of these are assembled from scraps, pre-cut squares (cut by me from scraps) and a little cut from stash.  When one gets going, it's amazing how many fabrics and how many quilts are represented here.

Please pardon the un-pressed blocks!  My iron gave out, and the new one is coming. . .

Here are a few steps of the process:

I'm cutting the pieces as I go . . . 
The + is made of three pieces:  5" x 2" and 2 - 2" squares

Completing the + shape are 4 - 2" squares. I'm keeping them all the same fabric.
The X part of the block is 4 3.5" squares. I'm using similar colors, but different fabrics in the 4 squares.  In the one above, there are 4  different reds in the X.  The background of the X part of the block is also cut 2" squares - 8 of them. I'm keeping these all the same as well.

To assemble, you can read the tutorial on Badskirt:

86 blocks are finished; 14 (or more) to go!