Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kaleidoscope in Red and Teal

This quilt started out as a few practice blocks to see if I could figure out how to make them. I studied many many kaleidoscope quilts on Pinterest to discover how you get the swirls in the design.

I'm very happy with the results and I'm ready to make another.
This one is totally from scraps and stash.   

The movement comes through the placement of lights and darks. 

The corners aren't perfect, but with all the movement, you don't really notice!  Hooray for that.

The binding is striped shades of gray.  My go-to spiral quilting on my DSM. 

Quilt measures 62" x 78". Perfect for snuggling or a picnic. 
Warm and white cotton batting, and I splurged on a wide backing to make it easy. 

This one is going to my niece and her husband for their cabin in the woods. . . . 

Friday, July 28, 2017

No Scrap Left Behind Inspiration

As soon as AmandaJean Nyberg's new book came out, I had to read it.  Her quilt "Slopes" spoke to me.

So here is my version. I Quilted it with matchstick quilting with lots of the colors of thread that are represented in the design. 
This quilt will hang in my entryway to announce that a quilter lives here!

Quilt stats:

23" x 29"

Design inspiration. Slopes from No Scraps Left Behind
by AmandaJean Nyberg

Matchstick quilting by me.

Faced binding. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Christmas Lassie

Christmas Lassie finished in December 2016.  This is just the top, I'll get more photos now that I've figured out how to get photos from my devices to this blogger format. Hooray, I'm back in blogging business.

This is like my Bonnie Lassies quilt, with Christmas colors and a few Christmas prints. All the light colors are the same. I think I like the original one better. The more fabrics the richer the quilt. . . .

Baby Girl Quilt

My brother has a new great granddaughter!  So she gets a quilt. I've been wanting to make an Irish chain, and it's so simple and quick that here is my chance. 

After I finished it, as I was sewing on the binding, I realized that the colors were similar to a quilt that my paternal grandmother made for me in the 1950's.  That quilt went with me to college, was on my bed for a long while, and welcomed my granddaughter when she moved from the east coast to the Pacific Northwest.  Lots of history here in these two. 

The baby quilt is made of prints, my original pink quilt is solid.  So, here is represented six generations:  From my grandmother to my great, great grand niece!  Makes me smile.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blogsy died

I am in mourning.  Blogsy died.  I posted from my iPad, and now it is gone.  My computer is old, my photos don't come over.

I need to do some research. . . .

Friday, October 14, 2016

Babies, Babies, Babies

This week has been a baby week for me. Here are the finishes:

Baby Girl Quilt "Star Light, Star Bright"


Donation premie quilt for my quilt guild

Two more premie quilts for the local hospitals.

For Christmas babies!


The premie quilts are so quick, just 24" x 30" -- no batting and a flannel backing, minimal quilting. Some members of my guild celebrate their birthdays by making their age in premie quilts! Impressive.

The Star Light quilt measures 38.5" square. Liberated stars. Quilted by me in the ditch around each block then outlined each star. The backing is a yellow gingham, binding is gray stripes from Amada Jean Nyberg's Good Neighbors line at Connecting Threads. The other fabrics are from my stash.

My cat has been walking around my sewing room, so after a wash, these will be on their way to babies near and far.

Connecting with CRAZYMOMQUILTS for Finish it up Friday.


Friday, September 23, 2016

If at first . . . .

My daughter requested a baby quilt for a friend of hers and her husband. I started off with this

Which makes this, a double pinwheel.

12 blocks put together with a little sashing makes a quilt top:
I love it, but they were thinking of something softer . . . . So, I put the red double pinwheels away and shifted to pinks, aquas and yellows.

Stars . . . . I also love stars! (But I love everything quilt related.)

Wonky points, a different star block for me.

Here's one possible layout. No sashing, the star blocks finish at 8", so a 40" square should be about right. I tried it jumbled, but I like this arrangement better. I got the OK, so here she is, a soft baby girl quilt, all sewn together.

The top is done! Measures 40" X 40", all made from stash. Wonky stars, tutorial HERE.

Since I just finished this top, I'll link up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday!